Free State Province

The Free State experiences a continental climate, characterised by warm to hot summers and cool to cold winters. Areas in the east experience frequent snowfalls, especially on the higher ranges, whilst the west can be extremely hot in summer. Almost all precipitation falls in the summer months as brief afternoon thunderstorms, with aridity increasing towards the west. Areas in the east around Harrismith, Bethlehem and Ficksburg are well watered. The capital, Bloemfontein, experiences hot, moist summers and cold, dry winters frequented by severe frost.

Free State

Almost all the land of Free State Province is at least 1,000 metres above sea level and The Drakensberg and Maluti Mountain foothills raise the terrain to over 2,000 m in the east.

The Free State has a continental climate with warm to hot summers and cool to cold winters. This province experience frequent snowfalls in eastern areas, especially on the higher ranges and in the west it gets extremely hot in summer.

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